Customs regulations and services

What types of questions are asked in customs?

The Directorate General of Customs of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Panama requires travelers to complete a form (one per family) that serves as the Traveler's Sworn Declaration.

On this form, you must declare:

  • If you are bringing any fruit, meat, food or live animals.
  • If you have any goods to declare (besides personal items).
  • If you are bringing cash or negotiable documents in excess of $10,000.00. If so, you must specify where the money came from, the type of currency or monetary instruments used and its value in balboas or dollars.
  • Every traveler can enter goods for personal use as long as they do not exceed a customs value of $2,000.00. Any merchandise above this value will be taxed.
  • Any amount of money is allowed to be entered. The obligation to declare the amounts that exceed a total of $10,000.00 or its equivalent in other currencies (including travelers checks, bonds or other documents), is only to keep control. The money must be declared even if it has been already deposited in the airport bank.

What services are offered by customs?

The procedures and tariffs vary according to the type of merchandise being transported, whether entering or leaving Panama.

Several customs brokerage offices are located within the airport to process the customs clearance of goods bound to enter Panama.

-Holder Customs Agents, Phone: 227-3435

-Arthur Araúz, Inc. Phone: 238-4040

-Oscar Hernández Montero, SA. Phone: 260-2498

-Victor Julio Arenas, S.A. Phone: 238-421

-J De Gracia Express, Inc. Phone: 238-4241