What facilities does Tocumen International Airport offer?

Information Center

Open seven days a week, 365 days a year, from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Located in the main lobby.

-Emergency Clinic exclusively for passengers

Treatment available 24/7.

-Handicapped facilities

Elevators, restrooms, signs, parking spots and wheelchair ramps, among others.

-International Phone Calls

Public telephones accept coins and cards for local and international phone calls. There are also phone card vending machines.

-Tax Free Shopping

Stores with electronics, toys, perfume, clothing, liquor, jewelry, and more.


Restaurants and bars offer national and international cuisine. There are also snack shops, coffee shops and bakeries.

-Free Wireless Internet

Free WiFi is available for passengers to use in the boarding areas.

-Tourist Taxi Service

Telephone 507-238-4305 / 507 - 220-1210

These are the only taxis that can be taken from the Tocumen International Airport, as they are intended solely to provide a tourism service and ensure the safety of the passengers.

Approximate fares from Tocumen Airport to:

-Panama City

1-2 people B/.25.00

Collective of 3 or more people B/.10.00 per person

-Albrook and los Ríos

1-2 people B/.30.00

Collective of 3 or more people B/.15.00


1-2 people B/.32.00

Additional passenger B/.10.00

-Howard - Cocoli - Pedro Miguel

1-2 people B/.35.00

Additional passenger B/.10.00


1-2 people B/.45.00

Additional passenger B/.10.00

-Arraiján - Veracruz

1-2 people B/.35.00

Additional passenger B/.5.00


1-2 people B/.45.00

Additional passenger B/.5.00


1-4 people B/.65.00

Additional passenger B/.15.00

Which bus routes go near Tocumen Airport?

Routes that pass near the Tocumen Airport:

Tocumen, December 24 (go on Spain Road and Ricardo J. Alfaro Avenue)

Paso Blanco, Felipillo, Pacora, Chepo (go only on Spain Road)

The flat fare is $0.25 cents.

How much is the departure tax from Tocumen Airport?

Tocumen International Airport charges travelers leaving the country an airport departure fee of $40.00 per person. This fee is applied when you purchase the ticket from the airline or your travel agent.

All Panamanians or foreigners residing in the country aged 55 years or older if female and 60 years or older if male, retirees and those with disability pension will receive a 50% discount on the airport tax.

The fee does not apply to children under 2 years old.