How to Travel to Panama

Panama's excellent location, in the center of the Americas, contributes to the availability of a wide range of options to reach Panama. From any city in North or South America, you can arrive at Panama in just a few hours. Additionally, there are many airlines to choose from for the trip to Panama. Similarly, from Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world's continents, it is extremely easy to connect to Panama.

The maps displayed in these images show the great connectivity that will take you to enjoy all that Panama has to offer.

Official Airlines that Travel to Panama
Copa Airlines
• American Airlines
• Air France
• Delta Airlines
• Aires
• Avianca
• Taca Group
• Boa
• Iberia
• Continental Airlines
• Copa Airlines Colombia (before Aero República)
• LACSA (Lineas Aéreas Costarricenses S.A)
• Mexicana de Aviación, S. A.
• Rapsa Venezolana
• Santa Bárbara
• Spirit Airlines
Domestic Airlines
• Air Panamá
• Helix Craft Trading Corporation
Air Charter Services
• Helipan Corp.
• Parsa, S.A.
• Arrendamientos Aéreos, S.A.
• Panamá Air Craft Rental & Sales, Inc.
• My Fly Corporation
• Rotor Jet
• Heliflight Panamá
• Sky Maxx
Charter Flights
• Aires Aviation Corporation, S.A.
• Arrendamientos Aéreos, S.A.
• Personal Helicopters
• Heliflight Panamá, S.A.
• Helipan Corp.
• Heliserivice, S.A.
• My Flight Corp.
• Panamá Aircraft rental
• Parsa, S.A.
• Toror, Jet, S.A.
• Sky Maxx Corp.

Airports in Panama
• Tocumen International - Capital - Panama
• Enrique Malek International - David - Chiriquí
• Rubén Cantú Airport - Santiago - Veraguas
• Captain Alonso Valderrama Airport - Chitre - Herrera
• Penonomé Airport - Penonomé - Cocle
• Marcos A. Gelaber Airport - Albrook - Panama
• Bocas del Toro Airport - Bocas Island - Bocas del Toro
• Captain Manuel Niño Airport - Changuinola - Bocas del Toro
• Port Armuelles Airport - Fontera - Chiriquí
• Ramón Xatruch Airport - La Palma - Darién
• Scarlett Martinez Airport - Rio Hato - Coclé
• Enriquez A. Jiménez Airport - Frank Field - Colón
• Pedasí Airport - Via El Arenal beach- Los Santos
Major Ports of Panama
• Port Cristobal and Port Balboa (both ends of the Canal)
• Port Vacamonte
• Bocas Yacht Club and Marina, Bocas del Toro (Bocas del Toro Province, Panama)
• Careening Cay Marina, Bocas del Toro (Bocas del Toro Province, Panama)
• Port Charco Azul, Guanábano (Chiriquí Province, Panama)
• Pedregal, Pedregal (Chiriquí Province, Panama)
• Port Armuelles, Puerto Armuelles (Chiriquí Province, Panama)
• Port Aguadulce, Puerto Aguadulce (Coclé Province, Panama)
• Panama Canal Yacht Club, Colón (Colón Province, Panama)
• Port Bahia Las Minas, Colón (Colón Province, Panama)
• Shelter Bay Marina, Sherman (Colón Province, Panama)
• Flamenco Yacht Club, Panama (Panama Province, Panama)
Documentation required to enter Panama

When entering the country, you must show the following documents to the Inspector of the National Office of Immigration and Naturalization:

• Passport with visa, valid for at least 6 months (if necessary)
• International boarding card, properly completed
• Tourism Card or Visa, authorized accordingly.
• Fare or return trip ticket to home country or next destination.
• Required financial solvency, should not be less than five hundred balboas ($500.00) or its equivalent in credit card, bank reference, letter of employment or travelers checks, in addition to an additional amount, according to nationality. (Resolution 1017 bis of March 22, 2000).
List of countries that require visa or tourist card to enter Panama
Antigua Y Barbuda, Araba, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belice, Bermudas, Canadá, Colombia, Estados Unidos, Granada, Guyana, Islandia, Jamaica, Japón, Malta, México, Nueva Zelanda, Samoa Occidental, San Cristóbal and Nevis, San Marino, San Tome and Príncipe, San Vicente and Granadinas, Santa Lucía.
List of countries that require stamped visa to enter Panama
Chad, Ecuador, Egypt, Philippines, Haití, Peru, Dominican Republic, Russia, Thailand.
List of countries that do NOT require a stamped visa to enter Panama
Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Czech, Republic, Chile, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Spain, Finland, France, Great, Britain, Greece (Hellenic Republic), Guatemala, Holland, Holy See (The Vatican), Honduras, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Nicaragua, Norway, Paraguay.

If your country does not appear on this list, you can obtain a tourist visa in the Panamanian consulate in your country. In case you need a tourist card to enter Panama, you may purchase one for $5.00 from the airline when you check-in your luggage. If it is not sold there, one can be purchased from the Immigration Authority upon arrival at the national airport .

The tourist card is valid for 30 days. If you choose to stay longer, request an extension 7 days prior to the expiration of the first 30 days at the migration office. For more information visit:

Driving in Panama

In order to be able to drive in Panama, just like anywhere else in the world, a license is required. To obtain your license, you must attend 36 hours of theory classes and 20 hours of driving supervised by an agent (regardless of age or experience in other countries). This is the procedure for immigrants who wish to stay longer than 3 months in Panama.

If your stay will be shorter, the driver's license from your country of origin is sufficient. As specified in article 110 of Traffic Regulations: Foreigners who enter the Republic of Panama as tourists cannot obtain a driving license or permit, and may only drive with a valid license from their country of origin for a period of ninety ( 90) days; if the visit is extended, they are still not allowed to obtain a driving license or permit.

Depending on the type of license (if for the first time, a duplicate, etc), the procedures slightly vary, but in general, a foreigner planning to live in Panama for an indefinite time should follow these steps:

Requirements - First time foreigner on temporary stay with license (only eligible for categories a, b, c, d)

1. Certify the license at the embassy or consulate of the country where the license was issued. For example, if the license is Venezuelan, the document should be brought to the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
2. Certify (apostille) the document at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama, located in Plaza. The cost is $2 dollars in tax stamps.
3. Present original and copy of current migration card.
4. Present original and copy of valid passport.
5. Present original and copy of valid foreign license.
6. Present blood type, assessed in laboratories approved by the Transit and Land Transport Authority (A.T.T.T.), if the foreign license does not indicate the blood type.
7. Take visual and auditory tests in the office where the driver's license is being requested.
8. Be in good standing with the A.T.T.T.
9. Pay B /. 40.00 in cash (including visual and auditory validation).

Payment is made in the A.T.T.T. branches located in Sertracen, where the license is processed. Cost $40 dollars for the license and accompanying tests.

If over 70 years old, you should bring a certificate of physical and mental health issued by a geriatric or internal medicine physician.


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