Separatist Movement in Colón


Date: November 5, 1903 in the Province of Colón

In the year 1903, Panama had achieved complete independence from Colombia, but in reality this was not true; Colón remained embattled by the Shooters battalion of the Colombian troops. 

The separatists had made an agreement with the railroad that only those generals who had arrived by boat under the charge of this Colombian battalion would be transported to Panama City. When generals Amaya and Tovar arrived in Panama, they were arrested and Panama declared its separation from Colombia.

Meanwhile, the noble town of Colón was besieged by Colombian troops commanded by Colonel Torres, who intended to take control of the port and then march towards the capital. Residents of Colón, under the command of Porfirio Meléndez, stood ground against Torres' troops until November 5th, backed by the U.S. Navy. A strong pecuniary argument (eight thousand dollars) managed to calm the colonel, and he decided to leave Panama and go back home.