ABOUT PANAMAFrequently Asked Questions


What is the best time to come to Panama?

You can visit Panama any time of the year, as the weather permits and there is always plenty to do. The climate in the city is hot; between 26 ° C and 35 ° C. Activities like going to the beaches, bird watching, shopping, spending a few days in the mountains or exploring the rainforests.

What are the indigenous cultures of Panama?

In Panama there are five indigenous territories, they are: Guna-Yala, Emberá-Wounaan, Ngäbe-Buglé, Madugandí, and Wargandí.

Where can I stay in Panama?

The range of accommodations in Panama goes from inexpensive frequented by backpackers, international brand name hotels, and exclusive boutique hotels and lodges.

Where to go fishing in Panama?

Panama has places like Coiba, Pearl Islands, Gamboa, Bayano River and others that have world class sport fishing.

What ecotourism destinations are in Panama?

Panama offers a myriad of ecotourism destinations, such as national parks, El Valle de Anton, Volcan Baru, La Yeguada and many others where you can enjoy the biodiversity of our country.