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Crown Casino Hotel Radisson is located in the city of Colón on the Caribbean coast, just 45 minutes from the capital city. Colón holds commercial importance to the country for its ports and shipping activity, proximity to the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal, and the Colón Free Zone, the second largest duty-free area in the world.

Found at Plaza Colón 2000, Crown Casino Radisson (phone 447-3627) is open 24 hours for gambling on its 193 slot machines and table games (Black Jack, Bacccarat, Poker, and Roulette). Additional services include a VIP lounge for your utmost comfort, a restaurant with plentiful dining options, and a bar where you can enjoy yourself listing to great music in a pleasant atmosphere. Support your favorite sports team at the Turff betting center, open daily from 11am to 11pm.


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