Bars in Panama

Panama City is famous for its exciting and very diverse nightlife, with lots of options to choose from and something for all tastes. There are three main nightlife districts for a night out on the town: Uruguay Street, the San Felipe neighborhood of Old Town, which is a historic Spanish colonial sector, and the spectacular Amador Causeway, which connects to three islands in the Bay of Panama and overlooks the Canal entrance and the Bridge of the Americas on one side and the ocean and city on the other.

Panama has a wide mix of cultures and races, so there is a bar for everyone. Sample the artisanal brews or national beers at bars like the Golden Frog or Isthmus Bar. From the other side of the pond come traditionally European bars like Steinbucks and The Londoner that serve authentic dishes.

Lounges playing soft background music are ideal places to have a couple drinks with friends. Or savor some international flavor in bars like Havana Panama that bring a slice of Cuba to Panama. The huge variety of bars, nightclubs, lounges, pubs and casinos attests to the fact that Panamanians love to party.