International Cuisine

Long a place of transit and service industries, Panama enjoys a very diverse and world-class gastronomy. Here you can taste typical Mexican dishes in Orale and La Mexicanita. Rich steaks imported from the United States or Argentina in Los Años Locos or Gauchos. Delicious paella, fried eggs, or patatas bravas in Spanish restaurants. Mediterranean cooking in the restaurant Athens. Middle Eastern food in Beirut. A Chinese breakfast of dim sum, which has become commonplace in Panama. Indian food...the list goes on. There's something from all over the world to sample.

Not even to mention the Peruvian restaurants or numerous Colombian and Venezuelan diners with their famous corn pancake arepas.

If come mealtime you're not sure what kind of food you want to eat, we recommend you walk along these diner havens:

Calle Uruguay: on this strip located between Balboa Avenue and 50th Street you can find a wide variety of restaurants for all tastes, as well as bars and nightclubs with varying ambiences.

Old Town: all kinds of restaurants have outdoor seating on the now-bohemian streets of the former capital or tucked inside old colonial buildings that will allow you to imagine what the city was once like.

Amador Causeway: from the bars and restaurants serving up global flavors on the islands at the end of the strip you will have a great view of Panama City, the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, and the Bridge of the Americas.

Crossing over the Bridge of the Americas will take you to to the beaches and mountains in what we call "The Interior" or countryside provinces. Along the Pan-American Highway you will find roadside stands dishing up traditional and international fare, particularly Colombian and Venezuelan.