Panamanian Pride - TRUMP HOTEL PANAMA

Like many other leaders in the hotel industry, Hotel Trump opted for a restaurant that combines chic dining with Panamanian pride. Tejas is a seafood restaurant that offers patrons an extraordinary culinary experience and the guarantee that many of the vegetables and legumes used in its dishes were grown 100% organically in the highlands of Chiriquí. Tejas assures diners that its seafood is fresh, caught in Panamanian waters in the morning and brought directly to your plate for the evening dinner.

The restaurant is furnished in wood found during the excavation of the Panama Canal. The name of Tejas refers to the tiles that now line the restaurant's walls but were formerly used to roof the houses of Panamanian citizens, giving this venue extra points for displaying its "Panamanian Pride", from the restaurant's dishes to its decor.

Content and photo

Emma Velazquez y Raúl Novey