Miss France in Panama

Miss France paid a visit to Panama as part of our promotional strategy for the  Canal's centennial celebration, together with the recent opening of an Air France flight to the country.

It is noteworthy that this was the first time that Miss France and her delegation visited a Latin American country, which could pave the way for future trips to the country with the next Miss France, positively influencing the promotion of Panama.

Those in attendance were Flora Coquerel - Miss France 2014, Celia Jourdheil - Chaperone, Juliette Parizy - Public Relations, Anais Barth - Canal TF1 Reporter, Laurent Chamussy – Photographer, and Henry Faarup - Ambassador of Panama in France.

Her itinerary

Day 1

Tour of the Old Town sector, where they took the opportunity to meet briefly with the President .

National press conference at Hotel El Panama and lunch with Miss Panama World-Virginia Hernández and Miss Panama Universe  - Carolina Brid.

Day 2

Photo shoot at the site of the Panama Canal expansion.

Day 3

Trip to Pelican Island in the Guna Yala archipelago.

Dinner and a show of our folk dances.