General Omar Torrijos Herrera National Park

General Omar Torrijos Herrera National Park is located in El Cope, in the north of Coclé Province. Its highest point is Cerro Peña Blanca, at an altitude of 1,314 meters above sea level.

The alpine rainforest has a pleasant Caribbean climate. The main rivers of San Juan, Belén, Grande, and Nombre de Dios drain towards the Pacific Ocean.

This great park is habitat to a variety of mammals, such as the ocelot, jaguar, and white-tailed deer, and the abundance of vegetation set a backdrop for beautiful panoramic views.

El Tiffe Waterfall Hiking Trail

Trail Information:

Type of trail:  Loop 
Time needed: 4-6 hours (one way) to reach El Tiffe, and 5-7 hours (round trip). It is advisable to camp in the Caño Sucio village and make the return trip the next day.
Distance: 11.8 km (7.3 miles) until El Tiffe, 23.6 km (14.6 miles) round trip 
Elevation climb/descent: 1132 m (3,713 ft.) 
Maximum elevation: 905 m ( 2,969 ft.) 
Attractions:  Scenery, forest, village, river, waterfall, wildlife
Activities:  Trekking, spotting wildlife, camping, swimming in Río Blanco 
Use:  High (shared use)
Level of difficulty: Difficult

Hikers must be in good physical shape and have a sufficient skill level. The route may go through areas that are in poor condition, with no marked trail, or on very steep terrain.


  • Go with a guide. Look under "Schedules, Rates, and Local Guides" for more information on guides.
  • This is a two-day trip; it's not very pleasant to try to do it all in one day.
  • Plan to reach El Tiffe the first day and enjoy a dip in refreshing water at the end of your day's hike; it is much more comfortable to go swimming after, not before, the hike.
  • For both legs of the trip, begin your hike as early in the day as possible.
  • If it is raining be cautious of rising Río Blanco river levels.

Remember to bring: water bottle, running shoes or hiking boots (don't hike in flip-flops), warm-weather clothing, a rainjacket (during the rainy season), insect repellent, sufficient food, hat, sunscreen, and a camping tent or hammock to spend the night.

More information:

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