Date: November 3, 1903, Panama City.


Date: November 5, 1903 in the Province of Colón

In the year 1903, Panama had achieved complete independence from Colombia, but in reality this was not true; Colón remained embattled by the Shooters battalion of the Colombian troops. 


Date of Panama's Independence from Spain: November 28, 1821.


Date: November 10, 1821

The first call for independence was made in the province of Los Santos, and not in Panama City, because those living in what the Spanish Crown had called the "Loyal and Very Noble Panama City" still supported the Spaniards' presence in hopes of being awarded certain trading privileges. Upon realizing that their promises of sinecures would not come to fruitition, however, the city joined the independence movement.

The best preserved church in the Old Town of Panama City is La Merced. Stone by stone, its façade was moved to its present site around the year 1680, but the work was suspended for a while to instead provide construction materials for the wall being built around the new town that would protect against another pirate attack. This temple contains the only religious museum in the city.