Granito de Oro is an islet in Coiba National Park that has become one of the most popular stops for visitors interested in sunbathing, diving in the waters that abound in fish, or spending some time relaxing on one of the whitest sand beaches in the world. Granito de Oro means "Little Grain of Gold", and that it is indeed.

A haven for the body and soul, right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Cébaco Island, enclosed by the Gulf of Montijo, is the perfect get-away spot: a peaceful place with calm townspeople. Long stretches of pristine beaches provide an escape from the chaotic world and a place to enjoy a soothing silence with nothing but the sounds of nature. 

This beach in the province of Los Santos, on the famous Azuero Peninsula, is ideal for surfing. With just a little bit of exploration, every surfer will find a wave to his liking in Cambutal. There is the "411", which breaks from right to left and runs at mid to high tide, the '"Dinosaur", which has a reef bottom, and "Short-circuit", because in the summer at low tide it becomes a tubular wave.

Isla Cañas National Park in Panama is particularly significant for the two archaeological sites found in the area, which are dated to be over 1,600 years old.

Many experts claim that equitation is one of the most complete and balanced sports, because it works all the muscles of the body and teaches riders to correct their posture.