On his fourth and final voyage to America in 1502, Christopher Columbus sailed into this bay and christened it Portobelo, which is Italian for "beautiful port". Columbus was so moved by its beauty that he told his son Fernando to describe the place where they had just docked as "the loveliest thing you could ever see."

Isla Grande is the northernmost point of the isthmus of Panama and the largest island in the Bocas archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. Visitors to this picturesque island will enjoy the sun, tropical vibes, and exquisite Caribbean dishes prepared with coconut milk. The sea is crystal clear to appreciate the coral reefs and also has good waves for surfing.

Even before the Spanish conquest, the Las Mendozas swimming hole was an important place for residents who lived in what is now the area of Penonomé. Its strategic location on the Zaratí River and position between the mountains and the coast made it an important zone for commerce.

The Chucunaque is a river that runs across the far eastern portion of Panama, specifically in the province of Darién, in the indigenous territories of Wargandí and Embera-Wounaan. It is the country's largest river (231 km), and the main tributary of the Tuira River, the second largest in the country.

For those who enjoy nature and adventure at sea, Pineapple Bay in Darién Province is the ideal place. This bay, famous for being a paradise for Black Marlin sport fishing, has staged numerous competitions, where over 250 world records have been broken. It is visited by people from all over the world.