Many experts claim that equitation is one of the most complete and balanced sports, because it works all the muscles of the body and teaches riders to correct their posture.

Sports have always played a major role in Panama, which plays host to such events as the Central American Games in 2010.


Riding a boat through the canal is the ultimate experience in a visit to Panama.

El Uverito is a beach on the cornice of Panama's Pacific coast. It is a popular and family-friendly beach, with white sand and crystalline waters. You can enjoy fresh fish in the restaurants or go to the bars on the beach.

The beach is named after the centennial sea grape tree, under which the joyous celebrations of Perote, the traditional festivity of Santo Domingo, were held. 

Panama City is famous for its exciting and very diverse nightlife, with lots of options to choose from and something for all tastes. There are three main nightlife districts for a night out on the town: Uruguay Street, the San Felipe neighborhood of Old Town, which is a historic Spanish colonial sector, and the spectacular Amador Causeway, which connects to three islands in the Bay of Panama and overlooks the Canal entrance and the Bridge of the Americas on one side and the ocean and city on the other.