In Panama there are different kinds of spirits, and some are unique to this region. The most well-known drinks in the country are Seco Herrerano and Ron Abuelo, but there are also traditional alcoholic beverages like chicha fuerte.

Panamanian coffee has received well-deserved international recognition in recent years. In fact, today it is considered one of the best coffees in the world.

When the Panama Railroad opened in 1855, it became the world's first transcontinental railway. At that time, it provided necessary transporation to prospectors en route to California during the gold rush. The railroad's use today of carrying cargo from one ocean to another has given it the nickname of 'the dry canal'. From Monday to Friday it also shuttles passengers from Panama City to Colón on the Atlantic in the morning, with a return trip in the evening.

This social tradition of the Panamanian countryside is replicated every year during the Canajagua Folkloric Gathering, in Macaracas, Los Santos Province.

One of the most important festivals for Panamanians is Carnival, celebrated four days before Ash Wednesday in villages nationwide, most famously in Las Tablas in Los Santos Province.Even if the town is flat, they always elect two queens to represent Upper Street and Lower Street. For a full five nights, each queen and her troupe must participate in the costumed parades, joyous dancing, and nights of fireworks. But the fun doesn't stop there. During the heat of the day the townspeople gather at the central park or main square, dressed in swimsuits and ready to get soaked by the trucks with watertanks that hose down the crowds.