Sea turtles have survived for 200 million years and date back to the era of dinosaurs. They have withstood natural evolution and all the climate changes, but over time have become threatened by the hand of man. Five of the world's eight species of sea turtles graze and nest on our shores. Sea turtles fulfill important ecological roles in ecosystems as diverse as coral reefs and sea grasses.

Discover the secrets of the flora and fauna with a ride in a cable car at Gamboa, situated at 27 meters above sea level. The cable car takes you on a several kilometer-long journey through the silent jungle, where you can observe a great variety of birds interspersed amidst a thousand shades of green from different tree species.

Throughout Panama there are more than 500 official, well-marked trails that are maintained by the state.

There are magnificent places in the country to get close to nature, and what better way to do so than on a camping trip? Keep in mind that camping in Panama usually means getting away from it all, with no infrastructure of any kind—just you and nature. 

Panama has some of the best places for surfing in all of Central America. No matter what type of surf break you prefer, here you will find the wave for you.