Taboga is a paradisiacal island just off the Pacific coast in front of Panama City, a mere 20 kilometers past the entrance to the Canal. Its name comes from the Indian word "aboga", which means “abundant fish”. The second oldest church in the American Pacific, San Pedro de Taboga, is located here.

Las Tinajas is the oldest and most famous restaurant in Panama serving traditional dishes. Diners can enjoy their meal accompanied by a one-hour folk performance, starting at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday to Saturday. We recommend calling to make a reservation: 269-3840.

Located on the east side of the Miraflores Locks, the Miraflores Visitor Center is the ideal place to observe canal operations. From large balconies, visitors can watch as the lock gates are opened and closed for ships to start or complete their journey through the Panama Canal.

This is one of the most stunning archipelagos in the world. Its barrier reef stretches 200 miles along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. 

Panama first established gambling as part of the tourism industry in 1997, when the private management of casinos was legally authorized. The regulation requires casinos to be located in first-rate hotels with 24-hour guest service and a minimum of 300 rooms. This has contributed to a growth of luxury hotels, from the original 6 authorized casinos to the 17 currently operating, with another 4 set to enter the market in 2014. Casinos have been the cause for construction of more than 4,500 hotel rooms in the past 16 years.

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