Facilities, equipment, security, and personalized service are just some of what a tourist looks for when selecting the route and activities that will offer the experience, affinity, and attraction to make it a successful trip.

Panama: natural, charismatic, and multicolored. A country that, geographically, barely shows up on the map was discovered in the past by ancestors who didn't even know what stunning landscapes they were about to discover. Now such scenery is a great attraction for tourists who come to this small, tropical country and take away an experience that they broadcast internationally.

Located on the east side of the Miraflores Locks, the Miraflores Visitor Center is the ideal place to observe canal operations. From large balconies, visitors can watch as the lock gates are opened and closed for ships to start or complete their journey through the Panama Canal.

Guna Yala is a comarca, or indigenous territory, in Panama inhabited by the Guna ethnic group. Its capital is El Porvenir. It borders the Caribbean Sea to the north, the province of Darién and the Emberá- Wounnan indigenous territory to the south, Colombia to the east, and the province of Colón to the west.

Guna Yala in the Guna language means "Guna Land" or "Guna Mountain." The area was known as San Blas up until 1982, then later as Kuna Yala. The name was changed again in October 2011 when the Guna people asserted that the letter "K" is not pronounced in their native language and Kuna was switched to Guna. The official name for the region is now Guna Yala.