Lineth Márquez is a Panamanian painter who achieved the exhibition of her artwork in New York, thanks to Artelista. Today she is the protagonist in "From my studio".

Every site in Panama has its special place, and every corner of this country offers places of extraordinary beauty. An example is in the town of La Chorrera, a city near the capital, where a 30 meters long waterfall named El Chorro overlooks the place and gives the city its name.

Ecology can also join tourism, as shown by the 101 certified agritourism farms in Panama. Visitors who wish to enjoy the natural beauty of the country's rural areas also get the chance to experience what it feels like to work the land, helping to harvest fruit or feed livestock.

The Metropolitan Cathedral is the most representative building of the city's Old Town, and the base for the Archdiocese of Panama. It took 108 years to construct this Catholic church, built in stages from 1688 and 1796. The front part was built between 1688 and 1741, and then from 1741 to 1762 the church structure was raised. Later the 36 meter high towers were built, between 1762 and 1796, when it was consecrated.

The hat is a garment which is generally used to protect us from the sun. In our country, men in the countryside use a type of hat commonly known as the "sombrero pintao,"