Flower of the Holy Spirit Fair in Las Minas

Flower of the Holy Spirit Fair in Las Minas

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At Herrera, Las Minas Las Minas, Panama

Every September the town of Las Minas, in the province of Herrera, organizes the Flower of the Holy Spirit Expo-fair, a tribute to this national symbol that abounds along the rivers and brooks of Panama.

This orchid, with the scientific name Peristeria elata which means 'winged dove,' has a particularly charming shape: enveloped in the center of the flower's petals is a figure of a small white dove with outstretched wings. The "Holy Spirit" flower annually blooms in July, August and September, when its petals unfold to bestow us with its beauty. On October 21, 1980, the National Assembly of the Republic of Panama declared it the National Flower.

In the last days of August or early September the residents of Las Minas organize this expo-fair, scheduled to coincide with the flowering season.

Orchid specialists point out that 12 varieties of the Holy Spirit flower have been identified in Las Minas. Although they have been transplanted to other areas of the country, they do not reproduce as large as the ones in this district of Herrera.

Visitors will have countless varieties of orchids on view, and orchidologists from El Valle de Antón, Santa Fe de Boquete, and Panama City and orchid lovers from Chitré will display a variety of orchids, of varying sizes and diverse colors.

While the event promotes Panama's national flower, it also provides a venue for farmers to market their products.

In addition, renowned artists, folk groups, traditional singers and regional dancers will perform, with parades, bullfights, and street dances for added entertainment. Delicious foods, sweets, and drinks will be on sale during the three-day event.

On the last day of the fair there will be a folkloric mass at St. Barbara Church, and once the religious ceremony concludes the folk performances will resume. To conclude the festivities, a grand cart parade will wind along the main streets of the picturesque village of Las Minas.

Photo: Demetrio Montenegro

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