Mango Festival

Mango Festival

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At Rio Hato, Provincia de Coclé Rio Hato, Panama


As a tropical country with rich biodiversity, Panama has a wide variety of fruits in varying flavors and colors that make up the diet, above all in rural areas (IICA 2009).

Why Mango?

The township had no cultural expressions that honor its inhabitants, so the idea was born to hold ​​a festival that identifies Río Hato and provides the community with a novel activity. Río Hato is associated with beaches but also has several fruits, prominently the mango, a delicious tropical fruit of great commercial value.

Mango Festival

The purpose of this festival is to promote and develop activities that disseminate and stimulate the cultural diversity of the township, through educational, cultural, and educational activities that encourage family coexistence among community members.


  • Promote the mango fruit, highlighting its social, economic, and cultural value.
  • Reappraise the tourist and commercial importance of the mango and its positive impact on the country's health, diet, culture, and economy.
  • Publicize Río Hato's ecological, commercial, and ecotouristic value, with slogans such as "There's more to Río Hato than beaches!"
  • Showcase the diversity and genetic variability of mango in the country.
  • Encourage the habit of eating fresh and canned fruits.
  • Exhibit the technological progress made in mango production: crop management, harvesting, processing, and marketing.

Mango Varieties Available at the Festival

At the 1st. Festival we will have over 15 known mango varieties and five types that could not be identified. These include: papayon, papayita, cascarita, calidad, mantequilla, huevo de burro, chancleta/guineo, cachete de gringa/colorado, piña, morado, papayon de Chitré, súper haden, blanco, kent, julie, irwin, smith, and tommy atkins.

Scheduled Activities

  • Workshops and talks
  • Exhibition, sales, and sampling
  • Coronation of the Festival Queen
  • Musical bands
  • Talent Night
  • Artistic performances
  • Entertaining contests
  • Business Roundtable
  • Bunde, Bullerengue, and Tamborito music
  • Plantation tours
  • Nightclub music
  • See a different side of Río Hato

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