Panama Logistics Expo 2014

Panama Logistics Expo 2014

From October 22, 2014 15:39 until October 24, 2014 17:39 Save to calendar

At Teatro Anayansi, Atlapa, Ciudad de Panamá Avenida 5 B Sur, Panama

The PANAMA LOGISTICS EXPO has gained international recognition and positioned itself as one of the most important expos in the region, thanks to Panama's unique geographical position. The country's location has been historically exploited for trade and has allowed us to generate multiple logistics assets that are now ranked world class, giving us a competitive edge to naturally become a global logistics hub.

PANAMA LOGISTICS EXPO will be held in a ​​5,360 m² exhibition area, and about 150 local and foreign companies across over 250 modules will be offering products and services aimed at the field of logistics and multimodal transport, facilitating participants to make around 3,738 business contacts.

PANAMA LOGISTICS EXPO is an exemplary joint effort of the government and private sector. It was created to promote Panama as an important logistics route due to its privileged geographical location, with the aim of stimulating the industry's growth, dynamism, and innovation.

More than 20 speakersat PANAMA LOGISTICS EXPO 2014 will discuss the latest trends in logistics, including green logistics.

The Lecture Series is intended for professionals and students in the fields of logistics and multimodal transport.

At the PANAMA LOGISTICS EXPO, you will be able to make business contacts, exchange information with the various companies exhibiting their products and services, and get informed on the latest technological developments and innovations.

Be sure to take full advantage of this event by signing up for each and every scheduled activity.

For the convenience of executives and business groups visiting the PANAMA LOGISTICS EXPO, we have hotel packages available for your stay during the event dates.

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