Technology market

Technology market

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Cellular phones

There are currently four companies offering mobile telephone services in Panama:

1. Cable and Wireless Panamá -
2. Telefónica Movistar -
3. Digicel Panamá -
4. Claro Panamá -

These four companies offer mobile voice and data services for both prepaid and postpaid plans at EDGE, 3G and 4G speeds, depending on the plan purchased.


Panama is equipped with high speed internet services, reaching speeds of up to 50 Mbps. The four internet providers operating in the country are:

1. Cableonda -
2. Cable and Wireless Panama -
3. Wipet Internet -
4. Mobilphone -

The last two companies offer wireless access, providing the advantage of broader coverage in inaccessible regions, but with the drawback of working at somewhat slower speeds.

In addition, all hotels in Panama are outfitted with high speed internet and wireless networks throughout the building, offered as a complementary service in some hotels.  Others, such as the Riu Hotel, provide internet access for an additional charge; however, this fee is waived for hotel guests in their executive suites.

Capital Financiero, a newspaper covering national finances and economy topics, published that Panama ranks 57th among Latin American countries in the Global Technology Competitiveness Index for 2011 to 2012 with a score of 4.01.

Trade agreements serve as tools for growth, grounded not only in the interest of driving the partners' economies, but also in meeting development objectives, promoting talent and enhancing competitive advantages.

Thanks to the Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) with the United States, Panama has guaranteed its exports the preferential access into one of the largest and most interesting markets worldwide, which will allow the country to grow economically and attract more foreign investment, particularly in budding sectors like information technology and telecommunications (ICT).


The technology market

This industry has only recently been developed in Panama, but the software market alone now has an estimated annual worth of $148 million and the sector's exports are valued at $15 million.

Although only a small part of the population is employed in this sector, they have taken on a strategic role in the state-led investments to boost economic growth, in light of the competitive advantages that Panama has for further development in this industry.

The international technology parks in the City of Knowledge and the former U.S. military base Howard, now the Panama-Pacific Special Economic Area, are prime examples of progress in this field.

Eduardo Jaén, General Manager of the Authority for Government Innovation, dubs Panama the 'Technological Hub of the Americas'.

One aspect of Panama's solid technological infrastructure is its vast undersea fiber optic networks, which connect it with every country in the Americas except Cuba and Canada.  On this continent, Panama has the second highest fiber optic connectivity and the most direct connections with its neighbors, including all of the countries in Central and South America and most of the Caribbean.

The country's modernity can be measured not only by the technology systems being promoted by the government, but also by the number of ICT companies flocking to the country and the thousands of Panamanians they are employing, thus transferring knowledge and best practices. It is also reflected in the Centers for Innovation and Technology that are being formed in fields like education, tourism and logistics, together with renowned universities and leading businesses.


A plan for underground cables will bring very notable benefits by clearing up the tangle of wires in high-use areas.

In the process of burying the cables, they will be able to properly catalogue the number of cables per pole used by the 36 telecommunications and electricity companies.

The power line poles can then be dismantled and in their place new street lighting installed, eliminating electrical hazards and the risk of injury from storm damage or accidents.

Clearly city aesthetics will be the most obvious benefit, providing a more orderly urban environment.

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