Panama #4 in the WEF rankings for destinations

Panama #4 in the WEF rankings for destinations

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Panama ranks as the 4th destination in the Americas in the latest World Economic Forum report. An excerpt of the evaluation is below.

Panama witnesses one of the most marked improvements in this year’s TTCI, moving up to 37th position overall and 4th in the region. The country’s most important competitive advantage is its rich endowment of natural resources, with its diverse fauna, significant protected land areas, and a number of World Heritage sites. The improvement in this year’s rankings can be traced mainly to an improvement in the country’s infrastructure.

Tourism infrastructure has been developed (now ranked 42nd), most notably with more vailable hotel rooms. The quality of ground transport has also improved across almost all modes, with port infrastructure now ranked 4th and railroads ranked 32nd. Air transport improves as well and is now ranked 16th. The expansion of stadium capacity and creative industries exports is also notable.

On the other hand, areas requiring further improvement include safety and security (70th), the human resources base (79th), and health and hygiene standards (86th).


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