Las Mendozas

Even before the Spanish conquest, the Las Mendozas swimming hole was an important place for residents who lived in what is now the area of Penonomé. Its strategic location on the Zaratí River and position between the mountains and the coast made it an important zone for commerce.

Over the years, as new roads were developed, the importance of the Las Mendozas River as a place for local trade began to diminish. Nonetheless, at the same time it started to gain importance as a bathing spot and tourist site that surges in popularity during national holidays like Carnival.

The path to reach the streams also has its charm. The visitor can walk along the river banks and sense nature while observing a variety of birds, rock formations, small waterfalls, and rapids.


The Las Mendozas swimming hole is not far from Juan D. Arosemena Avenue, the main street in Penonomé.

How to arrive

  • Car: Las Mendozas is 1 km from the city of Penonomé, entering from this city's main street. After passing the Financiera El Sol on your right, take the next lefthand turn to reach Las Mendozas.

What to bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing suit


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