Aguja Island

The Guna Yala archipelago has become one of the lushest tourist destinations in Panama, famous for its beautiful beaches. It has an airport to receive domestic flights nationwide and lodges visitors in thatched hotels that reflect the local style of Indian homes. Of the many islets, Aguja Island is worth mentioning for its multi-hued sea, with tones of blue that range from turquoise to nearly white.

This island provides the following services: reserve tanks of fresh water, showers, restrooms (unisex), solar-powered electricity, and restaurants with freshly prepared seafood.


As part of the Cartí area, it is located 10 minutes from the parking lots in Cartí and the Barsukum auto terminal.

How to arrive

  • Plane: It is about a half hour flight from Marcos A. Gelabert airport in Albrook to the airstrip in the indigenous district.


When you board the plane at Marcos A. Gelabert airport in Panama City, be sure that the destination in Guna Yala is El Porvenir, an island only 15 minutes from the Lemon Keys and the Cartí area.

  • Car: You will need a 4x4 vehicle. From Panama City, take the Pan-American Highway towards the Darién Province. Upon reaching the village of Llano de Chepo, turn left and northwards to ascend the mountain range and then back down on the other side until you reach the Caribbean Sea. Here the Guna will be waiting with their boats to take you to the different islands.

What to bring

  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Tent if you want to camp
  • Fishing gear
  • Snorkeling gear


  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving is prohibited by the Guna
  • Wildlife observation
  • Whale, dolphin, and turtle watching
  • Sailboat rides
  • Artisanal fishing

Source and photos: Pecari Tours