Interview with Carlos Bazan - Mexico

So far, what have you liked best about our country?

I love all it's infrastructure, the streets and roads it has, it's very interesting.

Now that you know what Panama is like, did you imagine it would be like this?

Based on previous information and knowledge, I knew what it was like. But I didn't imagine how impressive it's landscapes and scenery would be, I think it's a bit better than in Mexico.

Would you like to see more of Panama?

Actually there's a lot to visit, because I just got to this wonderful city a few days ago. But I would love to see the Panama Canal up and close.

Would you recommend Panama as a country to visit?

I think they just need to invest in some tourism tools, as in brochures or some printed material to distribute, so that the people who visit the city leave with a good image. I'd like to take this opportunity to send greetings to all the Panamanians and thank them for receiving us well. All I have to say is that they're welcome in Mexico, with wide open arms.