Panama and I, Coiba Island National Park

On Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of October, we went on the sightseeing tour to Coiba Island National Park, along with our friends at Q-Tarras Tours. On this tour we were accompanied by friends from Chitré and Las Tablas, and two visitors from Spain and Uruguay also joined us. We visited Granito de Oro Island, Rancheria Island, the Coiba Prison, Trail of the Monkeys and the Anan lookout point.

On our tour we observed a group of dolphins, turtles, whales and, what we were all waiting for, our friend Tito the crocodile, who approached us with a big smile when called. We stopped at beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters to snorkel in and see the diverse fish and coral that inhabit the waters of this wonderful island, where nature truly thrives. We thank Professor Simon Vergara for being our guide on this great tour, and the friends of ANAM, the National Environmental Authority, for offering us excellent cabins and every comfort during our stay. It was a fabulous and unique experience.

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