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Panamá es un país hermoso, mucha cultura y todos son muy amables y amigables.
Mi familia y yo de verdad amamos el país, la gastronomía y todo!
Queremos regresar, de compras, a conocer museos y todo lo que se pueda
Fuimos a la isla Taboga, una isla muy colorida y con hermosa playa, muy al estilo latinoamericano
Date of Posting: 02 February 2014
Posted By: Fernanda
Mexicana, México
Beautiful Playa Venao has been my passion for many years,

and this is the area I moved to a long time ago, in 1985. I was lucky to get to know Panama from the "inside out", being exposed to the folklore of the Los Santos Province and its music and festivities.

Getting to know some deep traditions was the highlight of my move abroad, my kids growing up in a sane and safe environment with Spanish being their first language. All in all a well-balanced upbringing for a child if you ask me.

Beautiful Playa Venao is surrounded by raw nature, the tropical dry forest (which Expats are now reforesting to bring back the wildlife that vanished due to the lack of habitat) with its animals, the ocean with its abundance of life, we always have a beautiful playground all around. Spending time with the locals is also always a favorite.

Summertime is here, (December til May) Playa Venao is seeing gorgeous surf, the northerly trade winds blow daily, no rain whatsoever...surfers, booggie-boarders, and
body surfers abound.

The slowly cooling ocean is very welcome to refresh us from the hot hot sun, playing in the waves is just so much fun.

Temperatures drop sharply this time of year due to the oceans upwelling, which brings the water from the bottom up to the surface, including its fish, which therefore attracts many seabirds.

What a magical place it is...

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Date of Posting: 08 January 2014
Posted By: Renate Jope
On Saturday, my mother and I visited the 35thCoffee and Flowers fair in Boquete, a traditional event taking place each year from the 10th- 21 of January.

This year displaying a beautifully clear, sunny, and windy weather as a backdrop, with occasional Bajareque mist, reminding us we were indeed in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Boquete has experienced a complete transformation with so many changes and improvements since I returned to Panama as an expat several years ago. The festivities of the Fair certainly emphasize the distinct beauty of its Nature with the abundance of flowers, the magnificent coffee plantations producing the world renowned geisha coffee, the majesty of the Caldera River which borders the fair grounds and most importantly the friendliness and welcoming smile of its people.

Myriad of tourists and visitors from all over the country filled the grounds and stands. Vendors from Central and South America presenting and selling their native, typical goods. Restaurants with long lines waiting to eat. Hotels and Hostels with no vacancies. No doubt this year’s fair brings prosperity to our beautiful town Boquete.

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Date of Posting: 08 January 2014
Posted By: Vicky Wilson
Torio is a small town on Panamas Azuero peninsula. It is an undeveloped region with people who live a simple but interesting way. There is a fishing village that is very friendly and the people cooperate and respect tourists. Little do they know how privileged they are to live in a place where the Humboldt current passes and an abundance of pelagic fish pass through the region.

Torio's coastline has views of Isla Cebaco and has a surfing beach that is fairly unknown to those who don't practice the sport. This region was the hometown to Victorio Vergara who is a famous Tipico musician and people take pride in this. Few foreigners have moved to the region, but these pioneers will be the first to enjoy a paradise that is filled with mountainous landscapes, rivers, waterfalls and abundant flora and fauna.

I love visiting Torio because it takes you back to another time, a place where nature and the people unite in harmony. As a photographer I like to take images of how beautiful the place is, even though its not the type of photography I specialize in. If you get a chance hop in a car, go to Torio and don't expect anything but let yourself explore and discover everything this secret place has to offer.

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Date of Posting: 08 January 2014
Posted By: Christian Goldner
I came back to Panama 18 years ago. After departing to the States to study and lived in 5 different countries of LatinAmerica I came back to settle in my birth country. It was not easy at first since you loose the track of your own country, your own community. Began my own business 15 years ago and today I am again part of this community. I travel a lot but with the idea that I will always be back in my Panama. When the plane lands and they say: WELCOME TO PANAMA..THE LOCAL TIME IS...I know that I am back where I belong.
No matter where you decide to live, the noisy Panama City, in the Beach Area, in the Highlands or in the Pacific or Caribbean Islands of this Country many of you will find in Panama that place where you will fill you belong.
This country as any other is not for everybody. The only way to find out is to come and visit us, live with us for sometime and then when you feel that magic sense of will know that Panama is for you.
Date of Posting: 04 January 2014
Posted By: Caridad Y. Aguilar

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