Cerro Punta

Perched nearly 2,000 meters above sea level and overlooking a valley surrounded by densely forested mountains, Cerro Punta is Panama's highest-altitude population, which means it is frequently engulfed in clouds. The town has dedicated itself to agriculture since its founding, making it one of the leading vegetable suppliers in the country.


Cerro Punta is on the main highway from David and on the road leading to La Amistad International Park.


How to arrive?

  • Plane: A one-hour flight from Panama City will bring you to David, and from there you can complete the rest of the journey in bus or car.
  • Bus: There are departures every half hour from the terminal in David, and they arrive in Cerro Punta in one and a half hours.
  • Car:  David is a 440-kilometer drive from Panama City, and from David it is another 40 kilometers to Cerro Punta.

What to bring?

  • Water bottle
  • Jacket
  • Camera


  • Hiking
  • Flower growing 
  • Birdwatching