Launch Yourself into Adventure in the Tree Canopy

If you love nature and adventure, then you'll surely like zip lining. Also known as canopy, this trendy extreme sport gets the adrenaline pumping on an exciting ride through the canopy of the forest, making for an unforgettable experience.

Using a pulley and a typically steel cable slung on a slope between the trees, the zip line is structured for its riders hanging by a harness to be pulled by the force of gravity and slide from above the treetops down the hillside.

Zip lines come in different forms and are often used for entertainment. Those found at children's playgrounds are short and small, usually with sand on the ground to cushion in case of a fall. The longest and largest are often used to reach otherwise inaccessible regions.

This ecotourism activity is safe and supervised by on-site experts, who provide the participants with helmets, gloves, pulleys, harnesses, and carabineers to launch themselves into the adventure.

Zip line options in Panama

  • Canopy tour
  • El Valle de Antón
  • Boquete Tree Trek Canopy Adventure

What to bring

  • A daypack
  • 1 liter of drinking water
  • Long pants or jeans
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • A digital camera or video recorder with plenty of battery charge and memory space
  • Waterproof clothing or rain jacket
  • The urge for adventure and speed