Cycling in the city

Panama has fantastic places to go biking through refreshing and varying landscapes. Whether to get a work out or simply go on a casual mounted tour, bike riding is a unique way to enjoy the country.

There is a bike path that extends for 3.5 kilometers along Panama City's Coastal Strip, where you can ride right along the shore of the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of Panama. The path surface is specially designed for bikers and skaters.

At Amador Causeway there is a 6-kilometer-long path flanked by the ocean on both sides. Bikes, skates, and even motorcycles can be rented for a more enjoyable tour. From here you will be able to take in a view of thePacific entrance of the Panama Canal and the Bridge of the Americas on one side, and the ocean and the city in all its splendor on the other.

Location: Coastal Strip, Amador Causeway.

How to arrive: If the Coastal Strip is not already quite close to your hotel, you can always take a taxi there. To reach the Amador Causeway, you can take taxi or board a bus at the Albrook Grand National Transportation Terminal.

What to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Hat
  • Camera


  • Cycling
  • Skating
  • Walking

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A la Calzada de Amador

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