Enjoy a thrilling evening of drama at the theater!

To be, or not be: that is the question. Such immortal phrases from classical and more modern plays reverberate through the theaters in Panama, where tragedy, drama, and comedy are interspersed with musicals and suspense, complemented by children's plays.

Choose the genre and play you prefer among what is showing in the ten theaters in the city for an entertaining and memorable evening out.

Varied shows of all theatrical genres are performed on stage at these theaters in the capital city: National Theater, Bambalinas, La Quadra, City of Knowledge auditorium, Anita Villalaz Theater, Aba Theater, Gecu Studio, Teatro En Círculo, Ancón Guild, and Balboa Theater. Additional performance spaces are at the nightclubs Nuvo and Latitude 47, which present diverse shows, including plays and musical performances.

The up-to-date agenda of plays being performed in the city can be checked here www.teatrodepanama.com, where there is also information on acting courses and workshops.

Shake up your routine and check out the theaters in Panama, which promise to provide you with plenty of entertainment.