Sample a Traditional Panamanian 'Raspao' Snowcone

A very common beverage in Panama is the Raspao, available for purchase from street vendors citywide. In the Panamanian version of a snow cone, shaved ice is drizzled with any flavor of syrup you like, whether strawberry, grape, orange, lemon, or even passion fruit, and topped with condensed milk and molasses. Another add-on is malt powder, containing barley malt, wheat flour, and powdered milk.

It is a perfectly refreshing drink on a very hot summer day.

On a tour of areas like Old Town, the Coastal Strip, the Amador Causeway, or in city parks, you can find plenty of tourists cooling off with a raspao.

For a more authentically Panamanian dessert beverage, try the Chicheme, made with milk, fresh milled corn, and cinnamon.