Many experts claim that equitation is one of the most complete and balanced sports, because it works all the muscles of the body and teaches riders to correct their posture.

The horses are trained to jump a series of obstacles on a route in a particular order. In dressage, they must do so without any prior knowledge of the route, so the horse must be very attuned to the commands of its jockey. There is also the cross-country race that tests skill, speed, and endurance.

In Panama, the XXIV Version of the Equitation Championship was held in the Golden Castle Equitation Club located in Villa Lobos in Pedregal, with the participation of some 110 jockeys. In this important event there was also an impressive auction of Spanish thoroughbred horses, a breed that is gaining popularity in Panama.

Children, youth, and adults participated in the event, which generated more sporting competition among the jockeys and different equitation clubs in Panama. Healthy competition motivates continuous improvement and in turn benefits the entire discipline.

Panamanians are quite fond of Peruvian Paso horses, often holding competitions to show off their fine gait during the summer season (January to April).

It is noteworthy that the likes of Laffit Pincay Jr have ridden at the President Remón Racetrack in Panama City. Horse racing fans can come here to place their bets on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons.