Bird Watching

Panama is a paradise for birders, who can spot over 950 species of birds here, more than the United States and Canada combined. Depending on where you are in the isthmus, whether on the Atlantic or Pacific shorelines, mountains, mangroves, or islands, you will be able to observe different types of birds. Some key places for bird watching are:

Friendship International Park, straddling the borders of Costa Rica and Panama, extends into the forests in Boquete and Volcán.

Barú Volcano National Park has set up a hiking path called the Trail of the Quetzals to best spot the exotic Resplendent Quetzal, among all kinds of other birds.

Another of the top birding sites in Panama and the whole world is the famous trail called the Pipeline Road. The well-maintained path passes through the rainforest in Soberanía National Park and offers excellent conditions for nature lovers. You can walk it for a better chance to spot a bird or go mountain biking to get exercise in a natural setting.

In Coiba Island National Park you will be able to see the Scarlet Macaw.

Other places to go bird watching are: El Valle de Antón, El Copé National Park, Cerro Azul, Achiote, Panama Bay wetlands, Bayano, Cana in Darién on its Harpy Eagle path (Mogue River), and, to a lesser scale, the Metropolitan Natural Park.