Interview Efrain Lozano and Carolina Hernandez

So far, what have you liked best about our country?

It has a very good infrastructure and beautiful architecture, unlike several countries we have visited. It seems very organized and clean. That indicates a different type of tourism, to find an organized city, where we don't see any common crime. It's precisely that problem that prevents people from coming to certain countries. We are content.

Now that you know what Panama is like, did you imagine it would be like this?

Actually I thought it would be more like a third-world country. I didn't imagine all these pretty buildings and with so much capital that has entered this city. It seems very nice and I think it's headed in the right direction.

Would you recommend Panama as a country to visit?

Of course, Panama is an excellent place for tourism. I would really like for Colombia to be as organized and for the people to have that same charisma, to show the tourist side that Panama is experiencing. I would recommend it a thousand times.