Interview with Angel Sanjuan - Spanish

So far, what have you liked best about our country?

The people I've met here in Panama have been very friendly and welcoming, that's what I've most liked about your country.

Now that you know what Panama is like, did you imagine it would be like this?

I imagined the country as a developing country with a lot of future, however the city has brought to my attention that it's made more for cars than for pedestrians. I expected to see a more human-oriented city,  and here it isn't easy to walk. There aren't any facilities for pedestrians due to the type of construction work.

Would you like to see more of Panama?

There's a lot I have yet to see, but I would like to visit the two areas on either end, the Darien and the Volcano.

Would you recommend Panama as a country to visit?

For now, of course, but it lacks a bit in exploring tourism. Everything shouldn't be five-star hotels. They should focus a bit more on Panama's nature and biodiversity.