Interview with Gerardo Buxó - Puerto Rico

So far, what have you liked best about our country?

My last visit to Panama City was three years ago. From then to now I have seen an improvement that I never thought I'd see. Before the Old Town seemed very run down, dirty and completely abandoned, but right now there's a lot of construction and remodeling, and so the perception I had before has totally changed.

Now that you know what Panama is like, did you imagine it would be like this?

I knew that there was a lot of construction, but it has noticeably improved.

Would you like to see more of Panama?

I'd like to visit the rural parts, outside of the city and urban areas, and of course tourist spots.

Would you recommend Panama as a country to visit?

More than tourism, I view Panama as a place to do business. I could talk to other people about this subject, in some other countries.