Las Minas

Las Minas was formerly known in many parts of the Republic as the Minas de Bracamonte (Mines of Bracamonte), supposedly named after the town founder, Don José Agustin de Bracamonte. Others say that a Spaniard whose last name was Bracamonte had some gold panning stations in those parts, and so people started calling the place the Mines of Bracamonte.

An alternative name was Minas de Vacamonte, meaning The Mines of the Forest Cow. Some believe that this was due to the presence of numerous wild animals known locally as machos de monte, which were actually tapirs. What is certain is that in some official documents the town's name is recorded as Las Minas de Vaca Monte.

Around the year 1740, crews of pirates commanded by Vice Admiral Jorge Anson anchored off the Pacific coast and raided villages in the interior of Panama, among them La Villa de Los Santos. Possibly out of fear of the pirates, many of its inhabitants fled into our mountains and settled there.


Las Minas is nestled in the highlands of Herrera. Its mountainous terrain contains the El Montuoso Forest Reserve, which is the source of La Villa River, the main river of the Azuero Peninsula.

How to arrive

  • Bus: Board a bus for Chitré in the Albrook Grand Station in Panama City. At the terminal in Chitré, transfer to a mini bus that will take you to the picturesque town of Las Minas.

What to bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle


  • Santa BarbaraFestival
  • Flower of the Holy Spirit Festival (Peristeria Elata)