It has been widely believed that Pesé was named after an Indian chief who ruled these lands in pre-Columbian times; however, some authors consider that this theory is not founded on any historical facts that prove the existence of that native person.

Another theory proposes that the name for Pesé, like other cities in Azuero, has its origin in the Ngöbe language, which does not have the "p"sound. According to Eladio Tugrí, who is versed in the Ngöbe and Buglé languages, "besé" is the word for a wooden utensil used to stir food in pots or pans in the Ngöbe kitchen.

One of the many agricultural crops grown here is sugarcane. The sugarcane juice is fermented to produce the national alcoholic beverage of "Seco" and rum, known as "Ron Abuelo", in factories such as Hacienda San Isidro, where visitors can make ​​a reservation for a tour of their facilities.


Pesé is found in Herrera Province. It covers an area of 288 square kilometers and is situated at an average altitude of 90 meters above sea level.

How to arrive

  • Bus: Board a bus from the Albrook Grand Terminal bound for Pesé on the Las Minas route at ticket booth B-11. Buses leave approximately every hour from 7 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
  • Car: Take the Pan-American Highway towards the interior to Divisa, and at the crossroads at Divisa turn onto the street leading to Chitré. Before arriving, turn off at the entrance to Pesé, following the signs.

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle


  • Sugar Cane Festival
  • Holy Week enactments
  • Tour of Seco and Abuelo rum factory at Hacienda San Isidro