Madugandí is a comarca, or indigenous territory, of the Guna ethnic group in Panama. It was created in 1996 from territories east of the province of Panama, in the district of Chepo. It is currently not separated into districts, nor does it have a designated capital. Its area is 2,318.8 km2 and is located near the Bayano River.

The environment in Madugandí is wrapped in color and mystery. It is a visual delight to view hundreds of homes made from wood and palm leaves, with colorfully dressed Guna children nearby. Unlike the Guna Yala region, little is known about these Indians, since they have not been an official indigenous territory for very long. That fact makes the village even more tranquil, with little influence from the modern world.

In this area you can purchase an authentic mola, handmade by the Guna women. This traditional art has received worldwide recognition for the beauty and quality of their handcraftmanship.


Madugandí is located approximately 90 kms east of Panama City. It is conformed by the following 12 communities: Akua Yala, Ibedi, Pintupu, Icandi, Piria, Cuinupdi, Nargandi, Ogobnawila, Diwar Sikua, Capandi, and Tabardi.

How to arrive

  • Car: Take the Pan-American Highway heading east towards Darién until you reach Bayano. Contact the Guna there and decide which of the above-mentioned communities you wish to visit.

What to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Insect repellent
  • Comfortable clothing


  • Activities
  • Observe flora and fauna
  • Purchase authentic molas