Waves, the biggest tourist attraction at Pedasí

Waves at Venao Beach are the biggest attraction in the region of Pedasí, Los Santos province. They are so high and so famous that they attract international events like the World competition for Youth Surf by the International Surfing Association. That has made hotel rooms in and around Pedasí always be full.


Number of hotels

Hotels in Pedasí offer 193 rooms with 510 beds distributed amongst approximately 25 hotels of various specifications. A tour of the region shows several buildings in construction that promise to increase these numbers.

One of these new options is the Breezes Resort on Venao Beach, with a pool and at least 20 luxurious cabins.

The spectacular site responds to the demand for sun, beach and sports on the waves, and also points to a more expensive market segment, which would increase the offer for this destination.

Sports that can be practiced

Surfing is one of the main attractions for visitors who arrive in search of emotions on Venao Beach.

International events and national championships are annually hosted there. This stimulates the hotels to reach 100% occupancy during those times.




Most Pedasí hotels have an average of 9 rooms, ranging from hostels, guesthouses, small hotels and luxurious facilities like sea-side Villa Marina and Villa Camilla.

Another economic activity that has raised the standard of living and brought investments to the region is real estate. Many retirees have chosen to build their second home on the coast of Pedasí .

The accessibility to banking services forms another pull, as branches of National Bank and Savings Bank operate in the area, and the presence of ATMs, new restaurants, hotels and a gas station provide services that retirees appreciate.

Sporting Events

According to estimates by the Panama Tourism Authority, 130 surfers came to Pedasí during the 4 days of the recent Reef Classic event, the sixth stage of the Latin American Surfing Championships, organized by ALAS.

To this number can be added another 30 visitors related to the event, and it is estimated that in total this sports encounter brought on 800 hotel nights.

A new international event was also announced, the ISA Dakine World Junior Surfing Championship 2012, which will attract 500 visitors.

The organizers confirm that all hotels, houses, cooks and restaurants in Pedasí will be busy for more than 10 days.


Pedasí is located in the southern part of the Los Santos province, and its charms are related to folklore, beaches and the waves that attract thousands of surfers each year. It also has a domestic airport.


If you are a tourist interested in visiting the various beaches in Pedasí, you can rent a car for an average of $50 per day, with insurance included. If you are a Panamanian without a car, you can travel on public transit, boarding at Albrook Terminal with destination to Los Santos. The ticket (one way) costs about $10. Lodging can cost between $20 to $25 at a hostel, while a night in a hotel may be around $45, depending on which zone. A full plate of creole food can cost approximately $9.50.