La Chorrera and its Waterfall

Every site in Panama has its special place, and every corner of this country offers places of extraordinary beauty. An example is in the town of La Chorrera, a city near the capital, where a 30 meters long waterfall named El Chorro overlooks the place and gives the city its name.

One hour away from the capital, about 20 minutes from downtown, you will find this impressive waterfall. The water comes from the flow of Caimito, a river whose headwaters are in Trinidad Hill and then flows across the district of La Chorrera, and the huge rocks that form a natural staircase give life to this cascade.

It is a beautiful waterfall to admire, forming a pretty lake at the bottom. When you arrive, you may notice the calm on the surface of the river, but as soon as it reaches the first rung in the natural rock ladder, the water velocity increases and immediately gives way to the waterfall.

Along with the main waterfall, there are other smaller cascades that pour between the rocks to form a harmonious staircase of rocks, water and plants.

This place is surrounded by splendid vegetation, forming a natural habitat for a variety of aquatic animals, including otters, turtles, ducks, shrimp and a great biodiversity of fish; observing this wildlife will make your trip to the waterfall even more enjoyable. 

El Chorro was the scene for a movie during the 1950's, when an American movie studio filmed scenes nearby.

The area is definitely a natural paradise; be sure to visit and enjoy its gorgeous scenery.