Panama Shopping

Panama City is known as a "shopper's paradise". The city has large shopping districts as well as modern shopping malls, such as:

  • Multicentro Mall
  • Multiplaza Pacific Mall
  • The Albrook Mall
  • Metromall
  • Westland Mall

Multicentro,It is the largest shopping mall in Central America and has a movie theater, casino, arcade, internet cafe, library and many shops. The mall is connected to the Radisson Decapolis Hotel.

Multiplaza Pacific Mall is a large indoor air-conditioned mall located in the Punta Pacífica district in Panama City.

Albrook Mall is a large indoor mall with air conditioning and has a movie theater, food court and arcade Albrook mall is located in Panama City near Albrook Airport and the Grand Terminal (the central bus terminal).

Central Avenue (Avenida Central) is a pedestrian mall in Panama City that is six blocks long and is lined with shops and restaurants.

Los Pueblos Mall Center complex is a strip mall, so you walk outside between the stores. It is located in Panama City near the Tocumen International Airport.

Traditional Panamanian crafts, such as the Mola, crafted by the Kuna Indians, can typically be found at markets such as the Panama Viejo market or the market in Balboa. Most stores and markets are open 9am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday.

Most shops and markets are open from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday.