Natural pools, deserted beaches, cabins, and islands

The Guna Yala comarca, or indigenous district, has natural pools, which are beaches bathed in calm waters that are so crystal-clear that you can see everything underwater. This is an ideal place for photographers and children to observe up close the natural bounty of a marine ecosystem. The beauty of these places is that they are ideal for all activities, whether you come to just relax or to practice water or adventure sports.


The Guna Yala indigenous district offers visitors a wide selection of accomodation, with some islands equipped with bungalows and others that are exclusively for camping.

Dog Island, Pelican Island, Dog Island 2

Cartí Sector is the only site in Guna Yala accessible by land.

Porvenir is the nearest airport. Among the populated islands in the area are: Cartí Sugtup, Cartí Tupile, Cartí Yandup, Naranjo Grande, and Naranjo Chico.

The village has public telephones, grocery stores, small bars, bakeries, and restaurants where you can sample delicious seafood dishes.

Source and photos: Pecari Tours