Airport raises expectationsAirport raises expectations

Development along the Pacific coast promises to not only revitalize the economy, but also solidify new businesses that have been trying to set up their projects for the last two or three years. Those behind these businesses today see the opening of the Río Hato Airport as another boon for their investments.

The Civil Aviation Authority (AAC) projects that this airport, currently 72% completed, will be built by the end of September, and that it will be capable of handling 500 passengers "arriving and departing." 

According to Rafael Bárcenas Chiari, Director General of the AAC, two Canadian airlines are interested in making charter flights to this terminal. 

Alberto Quirós, who heads the Coclé Tourism Cluster, indicates that small and medium businesses "want to make the most of the airport as a platform for business, tourism, and exporting". He believes that the infrastructure should have been promoted years ago, and that by itself it "does nothing", which is why "we must get organized to take advantage of it."

Quirós commented that the group works to market their members in markets in Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, and Canada. Launching from the Tocumen Airport, they also reach markets like Germany and England. 

They also seek alliances with airports such as Guanacaste, in Costa Rica, and Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, to set up charter flights. These airports are also destinations and have shared their development experience with the Panamanian businessmen, he said.

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