Panamanian Pride - Amador Craft Center

The new Craft Center in Amador, strategically located in a natural environment near the heavily-visited Figali Convention Center and just past the Diablico restaurant, opens its doors to visitors.

All 40 cubicles in the Amador Craft Center are organized to best exhibit their artisans' manual skills, who proudly showcase the customs and traditions of many of our provinces.

Beadwork, leather sandals, straw hats, colorful dresses made of nagua with picturesque designs, fiber-woven handbags, molas, and traditional costumes are a sampling of what this place offers for shoppers.

Visitors will not only have the opportunity to purchase handicrafts in the Amador Craft Center, but the artisans will often share with them the story behind the product, including its origin and the history of each culture, making for a unique shopping experience.

Prices are affordable for both nationals and foreigners, and custom-made craft products are available upon request.

Content and Photos

Yaricel Gondola and Raúl Novey