Conference will bring regional tourism businesses together in Panama

From November 21st to 24th, Panama City will host the Interactive Tourism Congress, organized by the Confederation of Latin American Tourism Organizations (COTAL), a group with 55 years of experience.

This event is sponsored by the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), the Panamanian Association of Travel and Tourism Agents, and Copa Airlines. ATP administrator Salomón Shama said that this upcoming congress will be the first one put on by COTAL after they reached an impasse for a few years. Panama, along with the government of Puerto Rico, hopes the guild will get going again.

"As the tourism authority, we are betting on the Latin American companies sticking together," affirmed Shama.

Event organizers point out that this important showcase and area for exchange will feature lectures by prominent specialists on the latest trends and concepts in quality, safety, the environment, technology and gastronomy, in addition to a novel wine and dine experience that will enjoy extensive national and international media coverage.

The Hotel Riu Plaza Panama will be the venue for the event, to be attended by international tourism companies including hotel chains and airlines. Among the 16 countries that have confirmed their participation are Argentina, Puerto Rico, the United States, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

At a press conference in Panama City, residing COTAL President Luis Felipe Aquino of the Dominican Republic and APAVIT (Panamanian Association of Travel Agents) President Ernesto Reinaindicated that the congress organizers are working hard together to make sure the event is a success.

The opening night of the event will be organized by the host country, while the final gala dinner will be inspired by the colors, aromas, and flavors of the cuisine and folklore of Mexico, next year's host country.