Welcome to the 2013 Tourism Expo

Tourism in Panama is managed by the state and supported by private enterprise, and as a product of this union is Expoturismo 2013. The country's international tourism expo is growing every year, under the sponsorship of the Chamber of Tourism and the Chamber of Commerce.

A wide range of products will be on display at this year's fair, depicting a modern city of skyscrapers, traditions, history, culture, nature, and delicious Panamanian cuisine.

It's easy to come to Expoturismo 2013 on the direct flights offered by Copa Airlines, a company that provides its full support. We also have many flights available on other major airlines.

In Panama you will encounter a bright tropical sun and hundreds of islands dotting two oceans. You will also find the path to success in a fascinating fair where international exhibitors speak the world's major languages.

We are pleased to show you the thousands of new rooms built by the leading global hotel chains this year to receive the over two million tourists who visit Panama annually. Our country has the fastest growing economy in the region and is considered one of the most competitive.

This is why our new country brand is "Panama the Way".